Why do Consumers Buy Dairy Alternatives?

We used the Vypr consumer community to understand why consumers buy dairy alternatives.

Let's Go

We asked our nationally representative consumer community who buys dairy alternatives and why they buy them.

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Have you ever tried a dairy alternative?

To understand attitudes towards dairy alternatives, we asked our nationally representative community if they tried them.

We have filtered by age. Whilst consumers have at least tried an alternative, fewer older consumers have. Click the filters to see more.


Why do you buy dairy alternatives?

To understand opportunities for growth in the category, we asked our community who buy dairy alternatives, why they do so.

We filtered this buy household income. Those on higher incomes are more concerned on the environment/animal welfare than those on lower incomes.

They're healthier
I'm lactose intolerant/ dairy doesn't suit me
I like the taste
For the environment / animal welfare
They have a longer shelf life

The results are in...

Overall, consumers have been open to try a dairy alternative. Those who do regularly buy them, do so as they like the taste and believe them to be healthier.

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