Why do consumers choose to order a restaurant quality food delivery?

We used the Vypr consumer community to understand why they choose restaurant meals to be delivered home

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We asked our consumer community who actively order food delivery

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For restaurant quality meals for food delivery where do you order from?

To understand where consumers order their food delivery from, we targeted our community who actively order food delivery.

Here we filtered by Household Income. Higher incomes prefer to order directly from the restaurant, click the filters to see more.

Order directly from the restaurant
Order from a 3rd party app (e.g Deliveroo)

Why would you choose to stay in and order rather than eat in a restaurant?

To understand what consumer behaviour and spot opportunities for food delivery, we asked our community of active food delivery buyers what they would like more of.

Please note this was a multiple answer question which allows consumers to select more than one option.

Don't need to get dressed up
A quieter experience
More comfortable at home
Cheaper to stay in
Can enjoy whilst watching TV
I prefer to go out

The results are in...

Overall, consumers prefer to order direct from the restaurant. Many believe it's cheaper to stay in & can be comfortable whilst watching TV.

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