Vypr ROI Calculator

Calculate the return on investment you could experience with Vypr.

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How does the ROI calculator work?

Our ROI calculations are provided as an indication of value, and are based on your selections and market averages that are widely available.

The calculation provides a mathematical estimation based on a single outcome, but in truth Vypr creates value in multiple places. Therefore, any estimation should be appreciated as conservative and most likely, understated.

For a more accurate calculation that accounts for a broader set of variables and greater detail, please get in touch with the team here.

Why Vypr?

Vypr is a leading product intelligence platform. We help businesses to rapidly understand changing consumer behaviour through fast cost-effective consumer insight. 

We’re helping customers with:

  • Brand awareness and funnel metrics
  • Testing messaging, descriptions and images
  • Reducing cost, increasing revenue and improving profitability
  • Trend validation and fad-busting
  • Identifying growth opportunities