Dry January 2022 – Consumer Insight

A popular trend this month is Dry January – where people in the UK are challenged to go alcohol-free for the whole month. Many new drink products have been launched this month, as companies innovate to meet the increasing consumer demand for alcohol-free drinks. To find out more about how many people are taking part in Dry […]

Veganuary 2022 – Consumer Insight

January – a time many of us set resolutions and vow to take part in various challenges that pop up this time of year. One such challenge – Veganuary. We set out to find out key consumer opinions and behaviours around this month-long Vegan pledge, by running some research with the Vypr Community.* How many […]

Consumer Christmas Behaviours 2021

It’s Christmas time! Whether you’re looking forward to celebrating, or just a bit of time off, this festive time of year comes with some major shopping trends and traditions, and we ran some consumer research to find out how the nation is behaving this year.* *Not how well they’re behaving, that’s Santa’s job. Christmas Shopping […]

Why are More Companies Adopting Agile Innovation?

More and more businesses are now embracing an Agile approach to product innovation. This means a design, develop, test, and review process. What’s the main difference with Agile? In a nutshell – data-driven decision making. This, combined with an increased emphasis on the process, frequency and flexibility of testing and commitment to such principles, is […]