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Discover how Vypr helped a fast-growing premium CBD brand identify their launch strategy.

“Vypr has been super helpful in settling our internal debates and making sure that we’ve optimised our product for our customers. The results so far look positive.”

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Our customer is a fast-growing premium CBD brand operating in the US. Despite being founded in 2018, the business is already a category leader and continues to experience significant growth in several key markets, most notably the US and UK. Operating across some grocery retailers and maintaining a strong D2C channel, the business produces a variety of CBD products in several different formats, including drinks, oils and edibles.

Do you think CBD drinks are as effective as claimed?

Yes I think they work and I would use them
I don’t think they work
I think they work but wouldn’t trust/drink them
None of the above

CBD is an oil derived from cannabis


Our customer faced a crucial moment in their product launch journey for the US market. Their seasoned team had cooked up some solid hypotheses about optimal packaging and the overall proposition, including key on-pack messaging that would resonate with American consumers.

While these ideas had merit, the company wasn’t fully aligned – they needed that extra scoop of certainty. With a tight launch schedule and a print deadline looming large like the last seconds of a Super Bowl countdown, there was no time for drawn-out discussions.

The stakes were high: making the right call would set their product up for a grand slam launch, while the wrong move could strike out their initial sales and potentially bench the product entirely. It was a make-or-break moment that would determine whether their product became the next household name or ended up in the clearance aisle.

In this high-pressure situation, they needed data-driven insights fast to ensure their product wouldn’t just survive but thrive in the competitive US market landscape.


Vypr tapped into the pulse of American CBD enthusiasts by leveraging its exclusive community of US consumers and top-tier research expertise. We blended qualitative and quantitative questioning to create a robust methodology that delivered reliable insights.

Our cutting-edge platform allowed us to craft custom profiling demographics, slicing and dicing the market faster than a New York minute. We segmented by age, gender, and RTD (Ready-To-Drink) category buyers, as well having the utility to filter retrospectively based on CBD usage.

Within days of the initial brief, our customer had access to clear, actionable data, key takeaways, and recommendations. It was insights at the speed of American innovation – no waiting in line required!

When buying CBD drinks which things most impact your purchase?

Flavour of the drink
Ingredients used
Zero sugar
CBD strength
Natural sweetness
Associated health benefits
Brand available
I don’t drink CBD drinks
None of the above


Our customer was able to leverage direct consumer feedback to optimise their on-pack messages with a clear preference hierarchy. Thanks to the fast turnaround and speed of response, our customer was able to meet their print deadline and launch agenda, through an objective and data-backed series of decisions.

Interestingly, the consumer research disproved the initial internal hypotheses, which moved the packaging in a slightly different direction. The early signs for the brand are incredibly positive. Commercially, the product is performing as targeted and post-launch customer feedback on the packaging supports the Vypr insights that were initially provided.

Our customer has already reengaged with Vypr. This time, we’re evaluating whether the market is ready for a larger format that offers more value for money and if so, whether this is likely to unlock a new shopper demographic and drive incrementality.

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