Data quality – leveraging our community expertise

Robust methodology

The final article in our series on Data quality, we look at the background of our Community team and how they can leverage their combined 70+ years of experience in building and managing panels globally.

This completes our quality series, with the final pillar of ‘The Right Team.’ At Vypr we ensure that the insight you use is as robust and reliable as possible by concentrating on the five quality pillars outlined below:

Meet the Community Team

David – Head of Community 

With 38 years of experience leading international teams, David has built and operated consumer panels across 23 developed and developing markets. His expertise spans North and South America, Europe, South Africa, and the Asia Pacific. 

David heads up the Community team at Vypr with a focus on understanding customer needs, and translating them into operational process improvement programmes which deliver measurable performance gains in sample quality and data quality, at both local and international levels.

Anne – Data Quality & Security Officer   

Anne is a Mathematics graduate with a specialism in statistics and has 35 years of experience in Consumer Panel Operations. She has managed multi-country panels, overseeing recruitment, engagement, customer service, data collection and validation, as well as insourced and outsourced operations. At Vypr, Anne has a special focus on data analysis and the setup of quality measurements and processes for continuous quality improvement.

Millie – Community Executive  

As our newest team member, Millie has been working at Vypr since graduating with a Master’s degree in Marketing with a specialism in consumer behaviour from the University of Manchester. Before her Master’s, she achieved a first-class degree in International Business, Finance, and Economics. Millie has developed her French and German language skills to a high level of proficiency, allowing her to communicate with Vypr’s communities in France and Germany. This helps to keep them engaged and to moderate responses to steers, ensuring they are reliable and of high quality.

We believe that having right team is crucial to achieving high-quality data and insights. David’s international experience, Anne’s statistical background, and Millie’s language and digital media skills, have enabled Vypr to develop a comprehensive quality programme to ensure that the data collected is accurate and reliable. This ultimately leads to better decision-making for businesses, as they can trust the insights delivered. In a world where data-driven decisions are becoming increasingly important, having a team like Vypr’s ensures that your business is well-equipped to make informed choices based on trustworthy data.

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