Waitrose Inspire:Live trends event

Vypr last week were invited to present at the third annual Waitrose Inspire:Live event, and the first in-person event since the trends annual was launched. Taking place over two days (Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th July) and hosted at Waitrose Food Innovation Studio in Bracknell, the event was an exciting mix of presentations and a food festival inspired by the trends.

Across the two days, Waitrose colleagues, the Waitrose SLT and own label suppliers were invited to one of four sessions where they were introduced to the trends and then got to taste dishes that will be inspiring Waitrose product development for 2024 and 2025.

Vypr have been working with Waitrose and Lizzie Conlon (Innovation Manager) in particular on a Trend Tracker to understand consumer behaviour and attitudes concerned with their lifestyles, consumer confidence, health & exercise, food consumption, preferred cuisines and sustainability.

The Trend Tracker was set up in 2022 and has been re-run this year, and reported responses from both a UK nationally representative sample and breakout of Waitrose shoppers within. Ali Andrews and Tim Driver from Vypr presented at the event, and they highlighted the growing importance of gut health, brain health and anxiety relief health claims, particularly to Waitrose Shoppers, and how trying not to waste food was something respondents have been doing more of, among other trends.

Tim Driver commented,

“It was fantastic to be invited to the Waitrose Live:Inspire event and talk about how Vypr has been used to help write the Inspire Annual Food & Drink Trends 2024/25 report. It was a great opportunity to meet partners who we have been working with some time face to face for the first time and enjoy some delicious food!”

For more information about how you can use Vypr as a tracking tool contact your Customer Growth Partner.