Innovation Intelligence.

Innovation Intelligence is here to transform Consumer Goods innovation, making an 80% failure rate a thing of the past.

Agile Innovation.

‘Agile’ is a way of thinking about and structuring your product development process. Agile Innovation is a methodology that carries across all departments in a company committed to growth through innovation.

It relies on high frequency, low and iterative improvement, encouraging flexibility and quick responses to validated feedback.

The Issue

Innovation, as it currently stands, is a space too low on intelligence, yet too high on process.


  • Wasted human resources – time, energy, focus – teams low on motivation and high on conflict
  • Wasted financial resources – dedicating tons of money to the wrong concepts
  • Wasted physical resources – using materials to develop products that few want



  • More worryingly – a failure rate of above 80% for most Consumer Goods innovation.

Data-driven product optimisation

Early consumer product validation

The Main Reason?

Blind innovation occurs due to a lack of intelligence in the product development cycle, leading to:

  • Decisions being made on assumptions, instinct, and gut feel
  • Guesses, or the opinion of few, leading the way
  • Products far from what consumers actually want or need


Hear about Blind Innovation from Vypr Founder Ben Davies

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The Solution - Innovation Intelligence

Innovation Intelligence is here to transform the way we create new products, bringing light and clarity to innovation, in the form of consumer intelligence

Using consumer intelligence to drive and deliver product innovation means:

  • Decisions based on robust, reliable data
  • Scientific product development processes
  • Less waste – financially and physically
  • And ultimately, increased product success


The Principles of Innovation Intelligence

  • Accessible – data flows straight into the hands of decision-makers
  • Predictive – robust, future-facing data enables clarity into what works best
  • Consistent – research is no longer an occasional, tick-box exercise


Innovation intelligence is here to make a difference – by placing consumer intelligence at the heart of product development, to create a sustainable, financially beneficial way of working.