5 Trends in Plant-Based Foods in 2023

The plant-based food industry has experienced significant growth in recent years. This has been driven by the increasing awareness amongst consumers about the environmental and health benefits of reducing their consumption of animal products. However, despite this rapid growth, it is important to acknowledge that not all vegan brands have thrived in the market. The […]

Opportunities for Growth in the Energy Drinks Sector in 2023

The energy drinks market has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by the increasing demand for these types of products. This trend has been particularly pronounced in the UK, with energy drinks becoming one of the fastest-growing soft drinks categories. Read on to discover potential growth and opportunities for companies aiming to grow their […]

Case Study – Drunk Elephant: Vypr Adjusts Product Name to Match UK Preferences

Drunk Elephant is probably the world’s most-wanted skin care, according to Cult Beauty, one of the brand’s UK distributors. Launched in the US in 2013 by entrepreneur Tiffany Masterson, it soon became one of beauty chain Sephora‘s best-selling skincare brands. The brand is committed to “a clean break from toxins” and is free from the “Suspicious 6” – essential […]

Cost of Living Impact on Consumer Behaviour – July 2022

State of the Nation – July 2022 Cost of Living Consumer Impact Introduction Costs of living are constantly rising, and consumers are having to adapt and rapidly change behaviour in many aspects of their lives. With increasing concerns about the situation, we’ve compiled this report to help stakeholders in multiple industries understand what these behaviour […]

Behavioural Science: Interview with Richard Shotton

Richard Shotton Interview

Led by Tasmin Sibbald, Client and Operations Director This month Vypr’s Client & Operations Director Tasmin Sibbald interviews Richard Shotton. Richard is Vypr’s Behavioural Science advisor, and author of bestseller ‘The Choice Factory‘, which explains how behavioural science can solve business challenges. In 2021 he was made an honorary fellow of the IPA and an […]

The Most Effective Method of Research for Innovation

Written by Vypr Founder, Ben Davies Continuous Discovery Applied to Product Innovation Consumer insight is essential to successful product innovation, but only if obtained in a frequent manner throughout the NPD process, instead of only in a one-off fashion at the beginning or end. But how can we apply consumer insight in a bite size, […]

Behavioural Science: The role of Qual in Robust Decision-making

Written by Tasmin Sibbald, Client and Operations Director Last month I wrote about the importance of monadic testing using A/B testing (the ‘Split By’ steers), which is at the heart of the robust Vypr methodology.  This month I want to explore the role that Qual research can play when peppered into the testing mix. At […]

A More Cost-effective Route to Consumer Insight

The clock is ticking for businesses to adapt and keep pace with their consumers, amidst rising prices and behaviours changing more rapidly than ever before. A more cost-effective route to consumer insight, than other more expensive and traditional methods Written by Sam Gilding, Sales and Marketing Director The cost of inflation is at a 30-year […]

Behavioural Science: The Power of Split Tests

Written by Tasmin Sibbald, Client and Operations Director A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a marketing experiment where you can split your audience to test a number of variations of a campaign and determine which performs better. In other words, you can show version A of a piece of marketing content to one […]

Behavioural Science: The Power of the Single Steer

Written by Tasmin Sibbald, Client and Operations Director At Vypr, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by grounding our methodology in Behavioural Science. This flows through from the methodology used for each steer, the way we create Private Demographics and how we incentivise our consumers to answer steers honestly. All of which are purposely thought […]