A range of make-up for men

How men’s make-up could break into the mainstream

South Korea beauty trends are increasingly influential in the…
Test different packaging options cheaply and quickly

Which small packaging changes really make a difference?

Traditionally it has been expensive to test new packaging ideas…
McDonalds burgers from around the world

The Great Global Burger-off

McDonald's is a truly global company. You can get a Big Mac…
Do consumers want less salt in their food?

Low-salt options and consumer preference

According to a recent Grocer article, “salt levels in out-of-home…
American Barbecue in the UK

American barbecue finding favour in the UK

Barbecue in the United States is a staple in American tradition,…

Filipino food: which dishes will work in the UK?

Filipino cuisine is multi-faceted and varied, with Austronesian…

Seaweed is trending, but where do the opportunities lie?

Seaweed as an ingredient is tipped to trend in 2019. Hailed…
A Valentine's Day gift box
A lasting change in drinking habits?
Marks and Spencer

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