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Valentine’s Day: Picks from Lush’s Special Collection

Every year Valentine’s day sees people purchase heart-adorned cards, boxes of chocolate, and bouquets of red roses. The 14 February event is heavily commercialised with retailers competing to entice men and women to buy gifts, flowers and cards. In value terms, British consumers spend more than £500m a year on Valentine’s Day, The Independent has […]

Sleep cosmetics: which products are winners?

In the beginning of the year many people resolve to change certain habits and accomplish a personal goal. Health and wellbeing are usually seen as the most important areas to be addressed with a New Year’s resolution, as improving them requires long-term commitments. Using a multi-answer steer we asked a nationally representative sample (NatRep) of […]

Airport shopping: what drives travellers’ interest in fragrances?

Travel terminals, airports in particular, have become a booming market for mid-market and luxury brands. Travel retail is now a distinct sector within the retail industry, reported to have the biggest growth opportunities among retail business worldwide. Airport-based shops enjoy a clientele, which is influenced by two factors high street and online retail are unable to take […]

Elections 2019: are the youngest voters thinking differently from everyone else?

Low turnout of young people at elections has been problematic in the past. In 2017 The Guardian wrote that since 2005 youth turnout at UK general election had hovered around the 40% mark. Reasons discussed include distrust towards elites and politicians, as well as passion about an issue rather than a specific party. The article states that […]

Mugler’s new fragrance format: does the perfume brush have staying power in mainstream perfumery?

The latest from mainstream fragrance brand Thierry Mugler is a line of perfume brushes that are used to paint a scented gel on your pulse points. The line includes Mugler’s three bestselling scents – Alien, Angel and Aura – and follows last year’s world-first from Jo Malone, named Jo Loves. The latter contains a trademarked clear gel that […]

The trouble with wet wipes: will the “Fine to flush” certification help consumers and brands?

Plastic pollution has stirred up the public in the last few years and has become an issue consumers are genuinely concerned about. Wet wipes are a major part of the problem, as they contain plastic, which ends up in the ocean. Their widespread use can also seriously affect the sewerage. Last year BBC cited Water […]

Male skincare: do ingredients impact purchase decisions?

Men increasingly use skincare products as part of their daily routine. In April, a Vypr data showed that almost 72% of male consumers in the UK use skincare products, a result based on 8354 responses. It is interesting that this ratio is consistently high across all ages, with Millennials aged 25-34 scoring highest with almost […]

Female fragrance gifting trends: what do consumers want?

UK consumers see fragrances as a great gifting option. A survey from 2016 has revealed that 72% of respondents like receiving fragrances as a gift, while 65% of those who have been in a relationship have purchased a fragrance for their partner as a gift. Perfume being very personal, many shoppers feel uncertain what to […]

Trending fragrances in personal care: what do consumers want?

We picked ten trending shower gel fragrances and determined the five most favourable current choices for UK consumer. Out of the five, coconut stood out as a distinct preference by attracting over 35% of respondents, who made it their exclusive choice. Scent innovation is key in shower gel new product development. Bath products are relatively […]