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Brussels sprouts innovation – do consumers love it or hate it?

Love them or hate them Brussels sprouts are a ubiquitous part of Christmas dinner. It is thus worrying news that wet weather this year has reportedly caused a shortage of UK-grown sprouts. Fortunately, there are various festive products on the market, dedicated to giving a twist to the controversial vegetable. We selected ten unique offerings and tested […]

The deposit return scheme on drinks: what should retailers get ready for?

Regulations for Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for drinks cans and bottles have been published in the Scottish Parliament this year, expected to become a law in 2020, and go live in 2021. Following this, DRS will likely be enforced in England and Northern Ireland in 2023.  Although it isn’t imminent, there’re a few reasons that […]

Adult soft drinks: what do male and female alcohol reducers want?

Shows three different kinds of iced drink

The UK’s soft drinks market has faced both challenges and opportunities recently, resulting in a plethora of new product launches. The importance of several factors, such as health and wellbeing, flavour, and lifestyle, make innovation in the sector a complex process. The health-related highlight of 2018 was the introduction of the sugar tax, which forced […]

Feed: measuring the evolution in meal replacement drinks

Veganism has grown in popularity in the last few years reaching 2% of the UK population in 2018. However, this is not the main factor determining market growth in meat-free products. 22% of Vypr’s consumer community currently consists of self-described meat-reducers, i.e. people making a conscious effort to reduce their meat consumption. An increasing number […]

Which small packaging changes really make a difference?

Test different packaging options cheaply and quickly

Traditionally it has been expensive to test new packaging ideas in the market. Making up physical samples, hiring focus groups, running marketing campaigns – you needed to spend a lot of money without knowing in advance whether your packaging changes would have a positive or negative impact (or none at all). Packaging changes, in other […]