Vypr Helps Calbee UK Validate Product Launch | Vypr

Calbee UK, an innovative and ambitious snack company, are launching a new range of products – plant-based snacks, a healthy baked alternative to fried snacks. Launching under the Harvest Snaps brand, the range continues to support its mission of creating “better-for-you” snacks.

New HFSS Guidelines

The government’s recent proposal to restrict the advertising of products High in Fat, Sugar or Salt (HFSS) by the end of 2022 means that innovation is now required, in a way that is quick, efficient, and most importantly, evidence-based, if companies want to ensure their success under the new guidelines.

A New Way to Innovate

Vypr believes in putting fast, predictive consumer intelligence at the heart of innovation, helping clients successfully create better products, faster.

Calbee UK used Vypr’s product intelligence platform to validate their innovation under the HFSS guidelines, using evidence from target consumers to ensure their products will solve for a genuine consumer need.

Over 80% of consumers, reached via Vypr’s representative UK community, said they would be likely to purchase the new range.

This approach gives Calbee UK the confidence and evidence-based validation that the range will be highly likely to succeed when it hits the shelves this September.

The innovative launch also allows retailers to meet in-store HFSS regulations and place the range in promotional display space past 2022.

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