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Understand your target consumers with fast, cost-effective insight to make the right product decisions at the right time.

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Discover how we’re helping 100’s of customers develop winning products.

Targeted Robust Consumer Data at Speed

Segment and target your ideal consumer, with results back in minutes, giving you clear feedback on initial concepts, product names, branding, packaging, pricing, and so much more.

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Product Intelligence Platform

Discover how Vypr works

At Vypr, our role is to amplify the consumer voice. With a diverse community, we help you place the consumer at the centre of every decision you make. Upload steers (questions) through our easy-to-use desktop platform and gain predictive consumer insights from the Vypr Community.

Empower your business to stay ahead of ever-evolving changes in customer behaviour with cost-effective consumer insights from our product intelligence platform. Our platform facilitates faster, more agile product development through our expert support and cutting-edge research technologies.

Collaborative and intuitive platform
Make winning decisions that are 100% consumer-centric and multi-team. We empower key decision-makers with the latest customer data available in a collaborative environment through our easy-to-use product intelligence platform. Vypr is designed for all teams and is easy to use, whatever your experience level, with expert support given along the way for robust and reliable insight.
Consumer-facing mobile app
An engaged community translates to exceptional data quality. Vypr’s mobile-first app is connected to our proprietary consumer community, allowing us to properly engage them and avoid ‘click for cash’ consumers. ​We give our consumers integrity scores and remove ‘bad actors’ with no hesitation. The process ensures robust, reliable data from real people.
Target your ideal customer
Make data-driven decisions powered by robust consumer insight. With Vypr, you can put the consumer at the forefront of product decisions. Our product intelligence platform opens an insightful window into the preferences of your target segment with fast, customer data.
Create better products, faster
Accelerate time to market with our innovative product intelligence platform. With robust consumer data at your fingertips, Vypr can help you drive efficiency and focus across all teams. From ideation to development and the optimisation of product performance, our platform can help you drive agile product innovation while increasing revenue and profitability.

The Vypr Difference

Vypr allows you to understand the market and your consumers and test every element of your product offering.

Expert Support

A product intelligence platform built by people like you, for people like you

Get hands-on support from our expert Customer Growth Team. With 150+ years of combined experience in roles like yours, we understand what it takes to grow a business.

Behavioural Science

Backed by the latest research in behavioural science

Vypr’s scientific foundation ensures we can help you improve your product validation process with more robust predictive consumer intelligence.

Reliable Data at Speed

Say goodbye to guesswork; we turn decision-making into a science

With access to reliable quantitative and qualitative data, you can make the right product decision at the right time and react to faster to market conditions.

Understand Your Customers

Gain access to the Vypr Community. Our proprietary community allows you to segment and target your ideal consumer with results back in hours. You’ll gain clear consumer feedback on initial concepts, product names, product features, branding, packaging, pricing, and so much more.

Vypr Community

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Brand Tracker

Discover how your customers truly feel about your brand with Vypr’s brand tracking service, “Do They Love Us?”

With our brand tracker, you can gain invaluable insights into the health and perception of your brand, as well as the impact of your promotional efforts. Monitor performance before and after campaigns, track a category before entering the market, measure your brand against competitors, and more.

Discover Brand Tracking


Bring consumer feedback to life with VyPops to make well-informed decisions at every stage of product development.

With VyPops, you can ask a qualitative steer to our community and receive 15 impactful video responses. See real customers sharing their thoughts on your brand and products. Integrate these cost-effective video insights into your workflows to better understand what your customers need, powering product success.

Discover VyPops

Advanced Segmentation

With Vypr, targeting specific groups of consumers and uncovering intriguing insights tailored to your business is easier than ever.

Advanced Segmentation is our bespoke service where you can combine more than three demographics in your segment. You can segment your sample by a large range of variables, including age, gender, shopping habits, attitudes and more. Our Customer Growth Team will help you replicate the segmentations you typically use to understand your target audiences on the Vypr platform.

Discover Advanced Segmentation
“The flexibility of Vypr allowed us to access and build our target audience, asking them specific questions about new products, flavours and everything and anything we really wanted.”

Segun Akinwoleola,
Founder of The Gym Kitchen

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