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Vypr, your competitive edge

Utilising the latest data and behavioural science

We believe in putting fast, predictive consumer intelligence at the heart of innovation, helping you to successfully create better products, faster, every time. Book your demo.

Concept screening

Do you have twenty product ideas? Ten? Vypr identifies the really strong concepts by asking consumers at every stage. You get accurate Intelligence about what the market wants, to quickly determine which concepts are worth progressing.

Product claims

“Indulgent” or “Decadent”? “Healthy” or “Fresh”? Wording and marketing messages are key – test which claims work best. By split testing your on-pack wording with hundreds of consumers in near real-time Vypr take the guesswork out of the process.


Upload images of your packaging ideas to see which are the most appealing to consumers. Test variations in colour, imagery, pack shape and more, to understand how to maximise chances of listing and on-shelf performance.


Use our technology to find out what customers are willing to spend on your products, and maximise your revenue. You can use a reference price from a competing product to set a price anchor or let the consumer decide, context free.

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Park Cakes

“Vypr paid for itself in the first month. For companies looking to develop profitable, more relevant, less costly NPD, Vypr is a superb investment.”

Naomi Matthews, Commercial & NPD Director, Park Cakes

What is Vypr?

Vypr is a leading data validation platform that enables manufacturers and retailers to understand what their customers want to see on shelves.

Our industry-leading process combines our research into behavioural science with our well-segmented consumer panel. The client is in full control, testing every aspect of their product innovation, from packaging, pricing, naming, product claims, ranging, and more.

We work with retailers including The Co-op Food and Starbucks, brands like Weetabix and Müller, and large manufacturing groups as such Cranswick and 2 Sisters Food Group.

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Guiding your NPD?

Our consumer community is made up of thousands of participants from across the UK, representing a range of age, gender, location, shopping habits, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Consumers download the Vypr app to their phones and answer steers (our term for questions) that you, the client, set. The Vypr platform has a large number of ways to ask questions, from preference steers to split testing, guided by our experience of which questions deliver the most robust data.

Because our community is large and responsive you’ll normally receive answers to your steers in around an hour.

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