How do I optimise my NPD process?

£3bn a year is is wasted in product development. From initial concepts to product names, branding and packaging to marketing messages, it’s not always easy to work out what drives purchase behaviour in store.

Vypr is the answer.

We test thousands of product variables through our consumer app. We deliver robust intelligence to accelerate and enhance product development.

Concept screening

Do you have twenty product ideas? Ten? Vypr can whittle this down to a few strong concepts.

Product claims

“Indulgent” or “Decadent”? “Healthy” or “Fresh”? Wording and marketing messages are key – test which claims work best.


Upload images of your packaging ideas to see which are the most appealing to consumers.


Use our technology to find out what customers are willing to spend on your products, and maximise your revenue.

We’ll help you with ideation, concept testing, packaging claims, pricing and more, from beginning to end. See what Vypr can do for you.