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All the latest blog posts and updates from Vypr.


Applying science to innovation – Innovate podcast with Richard Shotton

Applying Science to Innovation – Innovate Podcast with Richard Shotton The Innovate Podcast is a biweekly series of discussions with... Read more


Making innovation successful with Emma Beale from Waitrose

Making Innovation Successful – The Innovate Podcast with Emma Beale The Innovate Podcast is a biweekly series of discussions with... Read more


Four growing trends in the alcoholic beverage industry

Written by William Knight, Principal Strategic Consultant, Alcohol Industry  Fast shifting consumer behaviour is driving change in the alcoholic drinks industry.... Read more


Vypr research featured in leading FMCG publications

Vypr’s research was recently featured in leading publications of grocery and FMCG industry news. Our insights around upcoming HFSS (high... Read more


Behavioural science: Interview with Richard Shotton

Led by Tasmin Sibbald, Client and Operations Director This month Vypr’s Client & Operations Director Tasmin Sibbald interviews Richard Shotton.... Read more


How to innovate to adapt to HFSS legislation

We previously summarised the upcoming HFSS legislation and discovered that they create a golden opportunity for innovation, so companies can get... Read more


The best way to navigate HFSS legislation

The Best Way to Navigate HFSS Legislation In our previous blog we summarised the upcoming HFSS legislation and recent changes... Read more


The most effective method of research for innovation

Written by Vypr Founder, Ben Davies Continuous Discovery Applied to Product Innovation Consumer insight is essential to successful product innovation,... Read more


Behavioural Science: The role of qual in robust decision-making

Written by Tasmin Sibbald, Client and Operations Director Last month I wrote about the importance of monadic testing using A/B... Read more


Where do HFSS restrictions currently stand?

Where do HFSS restrictions currently stand? To combat rising obesity rates in the UK, the Government has decided to impose... Read more
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